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IAB Serbia

Interactive Advertising Bureau Serbia is association that is engaged in providing active support to the growth and development of the digital and interactive marketing in Serbia, as part of a global network and a member of the  IAB Europe.

IAB Serbia is fully committed to the constant development of local digital and interactive markets, providing adequate educational content to all interested parties, facilitating greater market transparency and promoting European ​​IAB values at the local level.

IAB Serbia was founded with the intention to pursue the following objectives in order to best serve the achievement of its mission:

  • Promotion of digital marketing and inform the public about its capabilities and benefits;
  • Increasing market of digital and interactive advertising by allowing adequate education to all parties engaged in it;
  • Increase spending on online advertising in the context of total spending on media advertising in Serbia;
  • Prescribing and proposing standards in internet advertising and measurements concerning internet advertising.


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